About us

What we do

Times change, but our dedication to perfecting the consumer experience never will. Our highly personalized service, combined with expert industry knowledge, provide our clients with a sense of comfort in believing they are making the best possible decision. We are here for those who know and appreciate the best. Since the inception of the company in late 2017, it has grown from one client to now serving all of Canada. Our deeply instilled culture in the industry, personified by our experience and hands on approach continues to get stronger. Our top priority is to build an unrivaled depth of reliability, trust and connection with our clients – a connection we will steadfastly uphold, now and always.

As a stand alone stocking distributor for many manufacturers, with the list continuously growing; Direct Distributors aims to provide you with a one-stop source for all of the wireless products your solutions require. For applications such as two way radio support, cellular support and beyond, you can count on Direct Distributors to source your requirements!

Our Business Model

“Distribution is Simple. We Keep it That Way”

  • Telephone Support from 8am-8pm Mon-Sat
  • Mobile Friendly Online Ordering on Any Device
  • Text your order!
    • Tim 780-203-3522
  • No conflict of interest in the design/install aspect of the business
  • Instant access to monthly statements / historical invoices and outstanding purchase orders
  • Knowledgeable, efficient & friendly
  • Prepaid shipping (on orders that total $350.00 or more, *except for bulk cabling/spools)
  • Next day shipping
  • Competitive industry pricing
  • Stand alone stocking Distributor
  • Secure online payment option